Newsletter | October 18, 2021

10.18.21 -- How To Cost-Effectively Remove Multiple Contaminants From Water Simultaneously

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WRT Portable Exchange Systems (PES) For Radium And Uranium Removal
Ideal for the safe removal of radium, uranium, arsenic, perchlorate, and other select contaminants in applications of five to 100 GPM, the new WRT Portable Exchange System provides a cost-efficient solution for new and existing potable water systems.
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WRT - Water Remediation Technology
Oxelia Oxidation-Enhanced Biologically Active Filtration For Drinking Water
In the battle with hard-to-treat contaminants, drinking water just got a powerful new ally: the Leopold Oxelia oxidation-enhanced biologically active filtration system.
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Leopold -- A Xylem Brand
Aztec 600 Iron Analyzer
The Aztec 600 Iron Analyzer AW633 has been designed specifically for the measurement of iron in groundwaters, surface waters, and potable waters. It offers reliable and accurate on-line analysis of iron up to 5 ppm.
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ABB Measurement & Analytics