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09.30.21 -- How Do We Erase Forever Contaminants?; WEFTEC 2021 Preview, Vol. 1


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Memosens 2.0: Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology Reloaded

Memosens technology has revolutionized liquid analysis technology. It converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it inductively to the transmitter, eliminating the problems associated with moisture. With signal alarms in the event of transmission disruption, Memosens offers safe data transfer for increased availability of the measuring point and trouble-free processes. With Memosens 2.0, measuring points become completely future-proof and ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Endress+Hauser, Inc. | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1248
Introducing The 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee

Promises, promises. You've heard them before. But in the world of wastewater pumping, words are meaningless unless backed with action. That's why we are now offering our 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee on Flygt N-pumps equipped with SmartRun intelligent control when handling sewage containing solids normally found in wastewater. And yes, we stand behind every word of it.

Flygt -- A Xylem Brand | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808
Optimyze: Condition Monitoring To Optimize Your Bottom Line

The optimyze modular condition monitoring solution provides health guidance and predictive maintenance advice for rotating and fixed assets such as pumps, motors, heat exchangers, and steam traps. It periodically monitors system vibration and temperature and allows everyday users to access simple-to-use monitoring tools from iOS or Android mobile devices.

Goulds Water Technology -- A Xylem Brand | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808
Retrofitting With Single-Vane, Nonclog Pump Provides Critical Solution

Several months ago, HOMA was asked by our distributor, Emmons Metro, to provide a solution to a critical station at a facility that handles wastewater from produce and associated packaging for a large supermarket chain in the Northeast. The existing pumps were a cutter/chopper type pump from a reputable competitor. These pumps were struggling to pass the solids content found in the wastewater and were clogging regularly.

HOMA Pump Technology | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 2058
Next-Gen Water Monitoring: Autonomous And Real-Time Results

Municipal, commercial, and industrial water users all face a common issue — how to monitor the quality of the water they use, dispose of, or distribute in a timely, cost-effective manner.

KETOS | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 4871J
Texler: Innovation For Clarification

Xylem introduces the latest innovation for clarification: the Leopold Texler lamella clarifier. Texler’s inclined lamella settler increases the effective clarification area. This reduces the required space by 80% compared to conventional rectangular clarifiers and allows for water flow to be increased within the same small footprint.

Leopold -- A Xylem Brand | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808
Basin Nozzle Manifold Gas Injection System

With the Mazzei Basin Nozzle Manifold Gas Injection System, ambient air, pure oxygen, or ozone is pulled into the water and thoroughly mixed to create a homogeneous solution. Another option from Mazzei Injector Company for efficiently and effectively mixing and contacting a gas into water.

Mazzei Injector Company, LLC | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1028
Taking An Affordable Approach To Smart Water And Internet Of Things (IoT) Technology

Every water system needs data to make decisions about day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning. Unfortunately — whether due to cost or practical limitations — not every one of them has access to all the data they would like to make the most productive decisions. Here are several ways that even smaller utilities can implement affordable technologies to improve visibility into what’s happening in key areas of their systems.

McCrometer, Inc. | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 713
Low-Waste Nitrate Removal System
WRT (Water Remediation Technology LLC) is proud to announce the introduction of its Low-Waste Nitrate Removal System. The Low-Waste Nitrate Removal System is a complete treatment system that utilizes specialized rinse reclaim and active blending systems.
WRT - Water Remediation Technology | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 4415
Helping Secure Your Critical Water Assets

Xylem has developed an industry-aligned cybersecurity program designed to protect your critical water and wastewater system assets and maintain compliance. Security is built directly into our products at Xylem, and every product line is actively supported by security experts.

Xylem | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808