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Honorable Mention Prize

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Best Paper for the 2014 ISA

Congratulations Blair!
Managing Complexity Minimizing Risk receives Honorable Mention Prize

It is our pleasure to announce that Blair Sooley is the recipient of an Honorable Mention Prize for Best Paper for the 2014 ISA Water / Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium that was held in Orlando, Florida August 5th to the 7th, 2014. His paper, “Managing Complexity – Minimizing Risk: Balancing system growth against destabilizing risk,” was judged by the program committee to be one of the best papers presented at the 2014 symposium.

Read the paper: Managing Complexity Minimizing Risk

View Blair’s other achievements:

2013 Winner, Best Presentation: Reinventing The Role Of The SCADA Historian

2012 Honourable Mention: Asset Tracking Version Control

More About ISA 
ISA is an organization of engineers, technicians, and others who work in the field of instrumentation, measurement, and control of industrial processes

About the 2015 Symposium 
This 3-day symposium is focused on the challenges associated with automation and instrumentation in the water and wastewater sectors.

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SOURCE: Trihedral Engineering Limited

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