News | September 9, 2013

Highly Successful Water Moving Lagoon Aerator Obtains New Trademark

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies
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The Reliant Water Technologies Model WQA Water Moving Aerator, highly acclaimed as a revolution for the aeration, degradation of sludge, and total rehabilitation of municipal and industrial waste lagoons, now has a new trademarked name – the LAGOON MASTER.

Hundreds of installations, worldwide, of this new technology have proven that waste lagoon stakeholders now have options they have never dreamed of before. Reducing sludge, increasing dissolved oxygen, reducing energy costs up to 80%, reducing maintenance almost completely, and virtually making old facultative and aeration lagoons like new again - have been the hallmarks of this new technology. The LAGOON MASTER is designed to operate all year long, even in ice conditions. Northern lagoons never witness the odors of seasonal turnover again.

Specifically designed to operate in shallow (5’ to 20’ deep) ponds and lagoons to provide aeration, de-stratification (mixing), and sludge reduction with a minimum of energy, this patented water moving and aeration system is both above and underwater. With no moving parts underwater, the LAGOON MASTER fluidizes and activates the sludge on the bottom of the lagoon in order to quickly degrade organic sludge naturally. With only 4 HP of total energy only one LAGOON MASTER is required every 18 acre-feet of water (5.9 million gallons/22,200 cubic meters).

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