High Pressure Accumulator Systems


With roots dating back to the early 1900's, the Henry Pratt Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets control systems. Our products are used in potable water, wastewater, power, industrial, and nuclear markets. Pratt's control systems include the Check-Mate, the Electro-Check, a High Pressure Accumulator System, a Low Pressure Accumulator System and a Back Up Power Supply System

Design Features

  • Custom designed
  • Between 1 and 100 gallons of usable oil after power failure
  • Isolation valves on each accumulator for easy servicing
  • System remains operational while an accumulator is serviced
  • 10 micron return line filter to protect components
  • NEMA 4 electrical cabinet

The high pressure system consists of a bank of nitrogencharged accumulators, a pump/motor set mounted on an oil sump tank, an electrical motor control cabinet, and all the necessary controls and accessories.

Accumulator Bank –Precharged cylinders 
The bank of accumulators is sized to stroke the hydraulic cylinders three (3) times between the pressures of 1400 and 1000 psig. Pratt high pressure accumulator systems are available in all capacities, but always contain a minimum of two accumulators. A charging and gauging assembly is shipped with each rack to check pressures.

Oil Pump/Motor Set and Sump Tank –With integral hydraulic controls
The positive displacement pump/motor set is sized to charge the accumulator with oil in less than five minutes, 1 gpm minimum. The open drip-proof motor is suitable for all 3 phase, 60 cycle power. The unit features an integral strainer, relief valve, gauge and level indicator.

Control Cabinet –Manual and automatic operation
The NEMA 4 (rainproof/outdoor) electrical cabinet houses the motor starter, Hand-Off-Auto selector switch, start button and circuit breakers. Using the pressure switch, the unit will automatically start the oil pump when the pressure is below 1400 psig and stop the oil pump at 2500 psig. The control cabinet provides extra protection from dust and water, and iswall mounted.