Application Note

Hach FilterTrak 660™ Sc Laser Nephelometer Even More Practical For Ultra-Low Turbidity Monitoring

Source: Hach

Now compatible with the Hach sc100 Controller, the FilterTrak 660 sc Nephelometer connects as a ‘plug and play’ sensor with the universal, dualchannel controller that features an inherent power supply. Utilities looking to stretch their capital investments simply add a second laser nephelometer sensor unit or any other Hach digital sensor, even the 1720E Turbidimeter.

And it uses USEPA-approved methodology, so utilities can rely on the FilterTrak 660 sc Nephelometer for drinking water compliance measurements. With a range of 0 to 5000 milli-NTU (0.000 to 5.000 NTU), treatment operators can fine-tune filtration and collect regulatory reporting data with the same instrument.

An unbeatable combination – reliable compliance methodology, ultra-sensitivity for filtration optimization, and universal controller connection and data communication that streamlines installation, training, and maintenance!