Case Study

Guaynabo WTP In Puerto Rico Saves Thousands With UV 254 Monitoring Package

Source: Real Tech Inc.
Los Filtros Guaynabo Water Treatment Plant

Dealing with fluctuating water sources is not an easy task for plant operators. Seasonal variation, heavy rain fall or accidental contamination events change the raw water quality, requiring immediate attention. This is a familiar scenario for Facility Manager, Nancy Ma. Cáceres Acosta at the Los Filtros Water Treatment Plant in Puerto Rico. She has been producing highquality water for 256,000 local residents, receiving surface water from the Guaynabo and Bayamon River. In an initiative to improve plant performance, Sra. Cáceres Acosta coordinated with Daniel Smith of Montanas Electric, Inc. and Orlando Laguer of Nator Corporation to integrate a coagulation optimization package at the facility. Key aspects of the package included a UV254 organics analyzer, dosing control panel, and remote telemetry system. Initial Phase 1 testing presented far greater results than expected with an average monthly reduction of 22,917 lbs of chemical coagulant equaling $9,831 in saving. In addition to the initial cost saving on chemicals, the plant is confident their formation potential for DBPs is limited, increasing water security.