Grundfos' Packaged Lift Station

Source: Grundfos


Grundfos Packaged Lift Stations provide you with a sturdy and well-designed polyethylene pump pit sized to suit your requirements Auto couplings are pre-installed, making it easy to mount up to two wastewater pumps.

Grundfos’ Packaged Lift Station is ideal for applications ranging from drainage and effluent pumping to heavy-duty sewage pumping.  Sizes range from 32”, 40” and 48” in basin diameter and height from 60” to 118”. Auto-couplings are pre-installed, making it easy to mount up to two wastewater pumps. In addition, all necessary components such as piping and valves are built in and supplied in corrosion-resistant materials. The SEG pumps are ideal for use in pressurized systems and sparsely populated areas where gravity sewage systems are not available.

The SEG pump comes in different hydraulics such as:

  • High pressure, low flow
  • High flow, low pressure

Four different piping systems are available as standard, and our lift stations are easier to install because it is not necessary to secure the pumping station to a foundation of concrete. On-site drilling ensures optimum placement of holes for intake, cabling, and ventilation. This also simplifies maintenance and service.

Accessories include:

  • Sleeves for various ducts
  • Level control and monitoring
  • Ventilation package


  • Made from corrosion free polyethylene
  • Our unique design prevents “floating”
  • Concrete base plate is not needed

Package Lift Stations are primarily designed for SEG grinder pumps and SL solids-handling wastewater pumps.