Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™

Source: Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™

Clean water treatment optimizes the natural process of bio-degradation to produce safe effluent for our environment and preserve the supply of water. It only follows, then, that our “environmental” task of treating the world’s water should always be progressing toward greener engineered processes that cost-effectively solve our water quality challenges. That’s why Smith & Loveless is introducing Green+Green™ Treatment Technologies, beginning with patented Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ processes. 

Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ processes represent the next generation in emerging biofilm process technology, featuring completely renewable and patented bio-carrier media that delivers the crucial bio-treatment results of conventional MBBR/IFAS processes and ballasted clarifier settling with a smarter, more cost-effective green approach.

Simple to implement into existing and newly designed WRRFs and treatment plants of all sizes, Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ offers distinct applications for your effluent and cost-saving goals, including: Enhanced Clarifier Settling and Performance,  BioMedia Treatment like IFAS/MBBR,  and Granular Biomass. 

Features & Benefits

Mobile - The biofilm media circulates freely through the entire treatment and clarification zones, with no special aeration or in-basin screening requirements.

Organic - By replacing petroleum-based biofilm media with an all-natural and renewable lignocellulosic plant stock readily grown in North America, your treatment system’s carbon footprint is dramatically reduced while receiving significantly higher effective surface area than common non-organic media.

Biofilm - Because the high-surface area biofilm media is continually mobile through all treatment zones and clarification, it promotes a diverse growth of microorganisms effective for nutrient removal and enhanced clarifier settling.

  • All-natural alternative to petroleum-based carriers
  • Derived from a renewable lignocellulosic plant fiber
  • High effective surface area media
  • Host for diverse biological growth 
  • Applied as ballast for settling, moving bed biofilm, or granular biomass

End-User Benefits

  • Reduce Capital and Operational Costs
    Cost-effective solution versus conventional biofilm and ballasted technologies
  • Low Maintenance
  • Self-regulating robust process requires minimal adjustments to variations of incoming contaminants resulting in minimal operator supervision and adjustment
  • Small Footprint
    Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ Process reduces space required to implement
  • Expandable
    Progressive addition of media can easily grow with increased incoming substrate without the need for additional tankage and equipment