Brochure | March 18, 2015

Gravisand® Filtration Systems Brochure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Gravisand® filtration systems are ideal for use after suspended growth systems, for tertiary polishing and water reclamation, and algae removal with appropriate configuration.

Gravisand systems are a favorite among wastewater treatment plant operators because of their exceptionally low life-cycle costs and their legendary effectiveness in wastewater applications. In fact, the Gravisand system is so effective that wastewater processed through it can be used for re-use applications, such as the irrigation of golf courses. This can reduce the demand on raw water systems and reduce water costs for re-use customers.

The Gravisand filter employs a unique tubular, nonsegmented underdrain which is guaranteed to eliminate filter media leakage and is not susceptible to irreversible fouling. A specialized backwash shoe eliminates seal face wear and resultant unequal side load on the traveling bridge mechanism. This feature eliminates the potential of bridge derailment from frictional side load as well as eliminating wear-prone components while providing a positive seal engagement.