Case Study

Fountain Valley, California Beats Water Reduction Goal With Sensus Technology

Source: Sensus, a Xylem brand

Dried up reservoirs, cracked dirt and empty swimming pools are just a few of the visual reminders of the ongoing California drought. But what most people don’t see is the water providers, like Mark Sprague at the City of Fountain Valley, working tirelessly to keep the water running.

The state of California asked all residents to help reduce the state’s water usage by 500 billion gallons in order to combat the drought. For California residents like Mark, this means reducing individual daily usage by 15-20 gallons.

Mark gulps down a glass of cold water while pondering the drought. Then it hits him. His individual water conservation goal is equal to about 100 of these glasses of water per day.

“Our citizens were eager to help, but overwhelmed with where to start,” said Mark Sprague, utilities manager, City of Fountain Valley. “First, we had to figure out where the water was going and share this information with them. Second, we had to stop all leaks and unnecessary usage.”