Flygt Vertical Pumps

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Flygt’s line of column pumps are available to suit a wide range of applications and flow volumes. When used with pump station design software SECAD from Xylem, you can design state of the art pump stations with a small footprint in just a few minutes.

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The Flygt PL 7000 range transports medium to large volumes at low heads. The submersible IP 68 motor and slim Propeller hydraulic provides a considerably smaller footprint than nonsubmersible pumps, enabling compact, low-cost pumping stations which do not require any superstructure.

Installing or removing the Flygt PL 7000 is quick and easy, with no fastening bolts required. The pump is always completely submerged when operating, which makes it less complex to install and enables the motor to run cooler and more quietly than a non-submersible propeller pump.

Every Flygt pump is factory-tested to ensure high performance and premium quality. Flygt submersible propeller pumps deliver cost-effective performance, proven for more than 50 years in applications such as:

  • Storm water lifting stations
  • Transport of screened wastewater
  • Pump stations for cooling water and irrigation
  • Flood control and dewatering
  • Artificial wild water and surf rides
  • Recirculation of activated sludge
  • Seawater intake stations

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