Brochure | August 17, 2017

FlygtCloud Web-Based Pump Control Brochure

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

When a problem occurs, 3 things must happen: 1.You need to know about it. 2. You need to identify the problem. 3.You need to fix it. FlygtCloud addresses all of these things, and more:

1. Alarm!
Immediately when a problem occurs, FlygtCloud sends a specific alarm notification via mobile phone, SMS messaging or e-mail to each user on the Alarm List in turn, until the alarm is acknowledged via web site access or SMS.

2. What’s the problem?
FlygtCloud generates web pages so you can view the entire network’s status. Alarms are highlighted, making it easy to check pump station levels, which pumps are down, which pumps are still available, etc. in moments, enabling you to quickly diagnose the cause of the problem.

3. How do I fix it?
With FlygtCloud, you have many of the functions of traditional telemetry at your fingertips. Quickly and easily clear alarms, reset pumps or change individual pump status from auto to hand or off.