Flygt BIBO Pumps

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand


Over the years Flygt BIBO has meant reliability. Now a new legend rooted in tradition brings dependable dewatering to future generations. Flygt BIBO, still a choice you never regret.

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Innovation to battle downtime
We’d love to tell you what we’ve developed to make the Flygt BIBO a pump that just keeps going and going. Things like wear-resistant hydraulics, Dura-Spin™, Spin-Out™ and Hard-Iron™ impeller. However we’re afraid we might put you to sleep. On second thoughts maybe we should, because with the new levels of pump uptime your sleep won’t be interrupted by having to fix pump problems.

Reducing costs
What are your service personnel going to do with all the freed-up time they’re going to have? With the fast impeller adjustment and easy access inspection, the time needed to service your pump has dropped to a minimum. With the ability to run dry your staff will spend less time babysitting your pumps and more time doing what they came to do.

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