Case Study

Flow Meter Provides Highly Accurate Pipeline Monitoring

Source: Siemens Process Instrumentation

An Oklahoma refinery required a flow meter for a finished product line leaving the refinery site. When the local Siemens representative visited the site, it was determined there simply wasn’t enough straight run of pipe to install the Siemens clamp-on check meter/interface detector that the company had already standardized on.

The customer chose to install a couple of the SITRANS FUT1010 ultrasonic clamp-on spool-type flow meters from Siemens instead. The improved accuracy provided by the spooled version, along with the need to bring the pipe above grade, made it an easy choice to go with this latest Siemens offering. The customer likes the fact that, with all of the Siemens clamp-on flow meters, there is no need to shut down the flow should they ever need to replace a transducer.

Given the high accuracy of the liquid SITRANS FUT1010 flow meter, it is well suited for the customer’s pipeline monitoring tasks. It provides operators with real-time flow information so they can determine the media conditions in the pipeline and become immediately aware of any changes. The SITRANS FUT1010 flow meter supports the operators in making informed decisions about the pipeline operation, and helps to maximize delivery and performance control.

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