Brochure | October 25, 2016

FlexDome™ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Brochure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The FlexDome™ fine bubble membrane diffuser was developed specifically as a ceramic dome diffuser replacement.

The FlexDome diffuser makes retrofit simple. Its innovative bolt-on design allows you to replace your ceramic dome media – keeping the rest of the piping systems in tact. No modifications required… a first in membrane diffuser engineering. In fact, complete installation of the FlexDome assembly actually takes less time than cleaning your existing ceramic dome system.

FlexDome membrane diffusers offer a dramatic decrease in required maintenance and downtime when compared to ceramic dome systems. The regular cleaning of ceramic dome diffusers involves the draining of aeration tanks, hose cleaning and spraying with dangerous acids or gases. The FlexDome diffuser with its smooth outer surface, uniform bubble distribution and continuous flexing of the membrane eliminates build-up of any type. Additionally, unlike with ceramic domes, the FlexDome diffuser’s unique sealing action prevents seepage of water into headers as tanks are being filled, thus assuring a lifetime of efficient, maintenance free performance.