Brochure | October 25, 2016

FlexDisc™ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Brochure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The FlexDisc™ diffuser is your best choice for new diffusion aeration installations utilizing fine bubble membrane technology. Its innovative design is undoubtedly the most efficient and cost effective diffuser of its kind…a real advancement in membrane diffuser engineering. In addition, the FlexDisc diffuser assembly has been designed for quick and easy retrofitting of existing diffused aeration installations to increase performance and decrease utility costs. Evoqua also offers full technical assistance and complete piping systems for new or retrofit installations.

When compared to coarse bubble systems, the highly efficient FlexDisc™ system will cut your electric utility costs in half. The higher oxygen transfer efficiencies will also permit greater process flows and improved effluent quality. The FlexDisc membrane‘s unique sealing action when the airflow is stopped, eliminates plugging common with many coarse bubble diffusers. With the FlexDisc’s threaded nipple, retrofitting of coarse bubble diffusers is often simply a matter of replacement.