Article | March 20, 2013

Filters For The Filter Manufacturer

Source: Shelco Filters
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By Robert LeConche, President of Shelco Filters

Filtration systems for manufacturing often require high-purity filters to remove contaminants from water, liquids or gases, as well as to optimize production and meet quality standards. The right filters and housing greatly affect production outcomes, and can help reduce costs and protect equipment along the way.

With this in mind, Shelco Filters put its own products to the test when it built a new pleated cartridge manufacturing facility at its Middletown, Conn., headquarters.  This move required Shelco to invest in a total high purity water filtration system to be able to produce its complete line of world-class filters and housings.  At the same time, Shelco installed a certified clean room for its high-purity filters, where all assembly, testing, cleaning, drying and packaging would be completed.  Part of the certification process requires use of integrity tested filters and superior housings that meet high standards in quality and performance.