Fighting India's Arsenic Problem

Fighting India’s Arsenic Problem

When Vinny Gupta, the president and CEO of InNow LLC, met Rich Cavagnaro, the CEO of AdEdge Water Technologies, he saw an opportunity to help 40 million people get clean water.

InNow is a company that links U.S. technologies with Far East countries and Gupta knew that India could benefit immensely from AdEdge’s expertise in contaminant removal. While World Health Organization standards dictate an arsenic level of ten ppb in drinking water, many regions of India have water that can consist of up to 600 ppb.

On a recent trip to the country, Cavagnaro and Gupta spent time in a hospital and saw the worst effects of this contamination firsthand.

“As you walked in the hospital, it was full with people in the lobby waiting, and then the floor where they’re taking care of patients was completely filled, not any room to move,” Cavagnaro told Water Online Radio. “The doctors were doing a tremendous job on arsenic research and the health effects of arsenic, and they are saying to us that they believe all these people, all these ailments that these people are here for, are possibly related to arsenic in the water.”

To combat the arsenic, as well as high levels of iron, manganese, and silica in Indian water, they plan to utilize a combination of treatment approaches, including adsorption, coagulation, and filtration.

To hear more about the pair’s visit to India and plan for removing contaminants from its drinking water, tune in below.

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