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05.12.15 -- Federal Fluoride Guideline Lowered; Do's And Don'ts Of MBR Pretreatment

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Aclara Improves Billing, Customer Service For Water Utilities   Aclara Improves Billing, Customer Service For Water Utilities
Aclara’s STAR® network is a two-way, advanced metering infrastructure system that delivers robust data communications to water utilities on secure, licensed radio frequencies. The network provides consistent, hourly interval data, accurate and timely billing, and tampering alarms in near real time. The two-way function allows for a synchronized, top-of-the-hour meter reading. The resulting time-stamped meter reads can be used in system reconciliation, allowing utilities to get a better handle on non-revenue water loss. Learn more.
Featured Articles
The History Of Drinking Water Disinfection And Improved Monitoring Techniques
By Randy Turner, Technical Director, Chemist, Swan Analytical USA
The relationship between clean drinking water and health has been known for centuries. Disinfection has been performed for several decades; however, the mechanism has been known for only 100 years.
A Water Network For Economic Vitality
By Maury D. Gaston, AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company
Those in the water industry know that water is essential for life and brings economic value, but the economic role of water is often not as well understood by the general public. This paper reviews the history and development of our transportation, electrical, and energy infrastructure and then presents a plan for our nation’s water to be augmented from where we have it abundantly to where we badly need it.
50+ Years With Neptune And Building On A Decade Of R900 Technology
By Neptune Technology Group Inc.
The Public Works Utilities of Billings, MT, began their partnership with Neptune Technology back in the 1950s and was an early adopter of Neptune’s ARB absolute encoder meter reading technology in the 1960s.
Submersible Pumps Solve Oxygen (O2) Depletion Problems
By Flygt -- A Xylem Brand
At the Marston Water Treatment Plant, Denver Water shared the seasonal oxygen depletion concerns confronted by many utilities that use surface impoundments as their raw water source. Especially in autumn, customers complained that the water had an undesirable taste, odor, and color. Learn how the utility overcame this problem by installing a 35-horsepower submersible pump that moves five times more oxygen than a conventional aeration system.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Reduces Energy Consumption, Noise With Turbo Blower Technology
By Beth Brindle, Water Online
Built in 1974, the Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Silverthorne, CO, provides wastewater services to the communities of Silverthorne, Dillon, Dillon Valley, Buffalo Mountain, and Mesa Cortina. Faced with rising energy costs and aging equipment, the Silverthorne-Dillon Joint Sewer Authority (JSA) identified a need to replace the plant’s original multistage centrifugal blowers with new technology that would reduce energy consumption and provide steady and reliable operation.
Technology Showcase
Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) Process Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) Process
Headworks BIO Inc’s ActiveCell process is a highly effective fixed-film wastewater treatment process (MBBR/IFAS) that is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications that need to consistently meet stringent BNR discharge requirements.
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Headworks International Inc.
Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Systems Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Systems
Reliable monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels in sewage treatment works is often hampered by fouling of the sensor with rags, or other large solids, present in the sample under test.
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ABB Measurement & Analytics
KLa Systems Jet Mixer KLa Systems Jet Mixer
Jet mixers offer superior mixing of large diameter tanks by providing uniform energy distribution while minimizing power input. This mixing technology results in decreased reaction times, improved liquid blending, and off-bottom suspension of light organic solids.
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KLa Systems
ConoFlex 381 Chemical-Resistant Coating ConoFlex 381 Chemical-Resistant Coating
ConoFlex 381 is an environmentally friendly, 100 percent solids elastomeric hybrid polymer lining that provides superior chemical resistance to a host of aggressive chemicals.
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Sauereisen, Inc.
Recommended Resources
ProDSS Water Quality Meter Digital Sampling System
The YSI ProDSS (digital sampling system) is a portable water quality multiparameter instrument for the measurement of several critical parameters: dissolved oxygen (optical), turbidity, pH, ORP, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS, resistivity, TSS, ammonium, ammonia, chloride, nitrate, depth, temperature, and GPS coordinates.
AQUATek 100 Waters-Only Autosampler Brochure
The AQUATek 100 is a purge and trap (P&T) autosampler that automates the sample preparation steps for the analysis of liquid samples via purge and trap.
Lagoon Master Aerator With Sewper Rx Sludge Reduction
A 7.5 acre wastewater lagoon system was experiencing excessive sludge, floating algae, and odors. See how the Reliant Water Lagoon Master Aerator and 50 lbs. per year of the Sewper Rx solved the problem.
CSF Series Single Cartridge Housings
The CSF series of single open-end cartridge housing accepts either 222 or 226 style elements and is made of 316L stainless steel with a maximum design working pressure of 300 psi (20 bar) at 200°F (93°C).
Products And Applications For Steam Generating Plants
When generating steam, dissolved gas control is an integral part of the water treatment system. Historically, vacuum towers, steam deaerators, decarbonators, and chemical injection systems were common methods used to control dissolved gas in water systems in power plants. However, these methods can be much less efficient, require more maintenance, and involve handling large volumes of chemicals.
Plas-Tanks Industries: FRP Tanks
Plas-Tanks are engineered to customer specifications, instead of adopting existing tanks to fit customer need. Their fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks are engineered with seamless design and extra reinforcements, which assure bottom integrity.
From The Editor
The Do's And Don'ts Of MBR Pretreatment
  They say a picture's worth a thousand words. If that's true, this image of a fouled membrane bioreactor (MBR) system needs little prelude — it's simply what happens when you don't properly protect your membranes with pretreatment.
Introducing The Altivar Outdoor Pumping Solution   Introducing The Altivar Outdoor Pumping Solution
Installing variable frequency drives in an outdoor environment creates operational challenges that can adversely impact performance. The Altivar Outdoor Pumping Solution from Schneider Electric provides an answer to all your outdoor challenges. Through design innovation and rigorous testing we have created an air-tight design that allows for critical internal components to remain isolated from the harsh ambient environment.
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Industry News
Federal Fluoride Guideline Lowered As Side-Effect Research Mounts Federal Fluoride Guideline Lowered As Side-Effect Research Mounts
The federal government has decreased the level of fluoride it recommends for tap water.
EPA Issues Health Advisories To Protect Americans From Algal Toxins In Drinking Water
Value Of Water Coalition Spotlights Innovative Water Projects For Infrastructure Week 2015
GOP Lawmaker Wants Drilling-Waste Injection Well Ban
Water Reuse Is 'One Step In A Pathway To A Secure Water Future'
Hydraulic Fracturing: Using Scientific Methods To Evaluate Trade-Offs
Seawater Desalination Bill Passed By Texas House
Seismology Team Reveals Findings On Earthquakes, Wastewater Injection
A Model Approach For Sustainable Phosphorus Recovery From Wastewater
Securing Water For Food: A Grand Challenge For Development Announces Third Call For Innovations
Product Focus
IFT - Sludge Thickener - IPEC
Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP CB Plus - Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc.
U Actuator - Automatic Control For Cylinder Valves - JCS Industries Inc.
AltaPac Ultrafiltration Membrane Package System - WesTech Engineering, Inc.
ETS-UV For Food And Beverage Process Water - Neptune Benson / ETS-UV
ST3 XChem Toxic Gas Sensors - Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical
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