Article | March 7, 2014

Extreme Water Filtering – Consider High-Flow Systems To Save Costs And Reduce Waste

Source: Shelco Filters
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By Robert LeConche, President, Shelco Filters


In an era when everything is done to the extreme – from sports, to home makeovers, to weather predictions – it should come as no surprise that the world of water filtering has joined the crowd. “Extreme” filtering, so to speak, is achieved through the use of high-flow cartridge systems – smaller designs that are able to handle much higher water volumes and pressures at lower costs and with less maintenance.

In general, one single high-flow cartridge can take the place of several standard 2 ½-inch diameter cartridges. For example, a 20-inch high-flow cartridge (handling up to 175 GPM) can replace up to 35 cartridges sized 10-inches by 2-inches OD. This means municipalities and water companies will have far fewer cartridges to purchase, store, change out, and dispose – good news for the accounting department and for the landfill. Fewer cartridges also means less time and labor will be required for each change-out.