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10.21.21 -- Explosive Growth In Demand For Unconventional Water Resources; COVID-19 Challenges And Opportunities


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Dual 10K Kleen Water Filter, Media Filter
This system is designed for the continuous aqueous phase treatment of groundwater or wastewater and has the ability to remove contaminants to nondetectable levels.
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United Rentals
Altivar Process 630 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

ATV630 drives for process applications for 1 hp to 500 hp. These are advanced drives for fluid and gas handling applications with embedded energy monitoring, information management, and process optimization.

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Schneider Electric USA
The DIMMINUTOR provides automatic screening and grinding of liquid-borne solids with a straight-through open channel design. This unit reduces plastics, wood, vegetable matter, disposables, and other oversized items to a fine particulate.
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Franklin Miller
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Region Of Waterloo Streamlines Water System To Ensure Highest Quality

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo’s Water Services department is working with GrayMatter, a GE Digital partner, to develop and implement an iFIX SCADA upgrade program designed to modernize the Region’s infrastructure and operating methods. In some cases, equipment manufacturers have phased out hardware or software. 

PPG Filtration Technologies: 2540
A proprietary composite spiral element, available in fiberglass and netting wrap configurations, with an anti-telescoping device (ATD) at both ends. Brine seal (one end) available on fiberglass wrap only.
Microfiber Cartridges
Harmsco microfiber cartridges are designed for filter housings that utilize 2 1/2”, 2 3/4”, and 7 3/4” outside diameter (O.D.) high-flow cartridges.
Mixed Flow Pumps
Xylem Goulds Water Technology mixed flow pumps are ideal for applications with high-flow, low-pressure requirements. These pumps are a great choice for many surface water irrigation applications but are also perfect for high-flow/low-head duty points found in numerous municipal and industrial pumping applications.
Genclean Advanced Oxidation Water Treatment

Learn more about Genclean Advanced Oxidation water treatment for disinfection and oxidation of microbiological and emerging contaminants in commercial, industrial, and water utility water treatment applications.

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