Exploring The Concept Of Reliable Connections

Nick Peyton

Launched last year, Mueller’s “Reliable Connections” slogan looks to unite the Company’s customers, engineers, and contractors with its business units, knowledge experts and service offerings in the water industry.

“We get questions about everything,” explains Nick Peyton, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Mueller, in an interview with Water Talk. “In North America, we have salespeople who are out there all the time with water utilities, engineers and contractors. We get questions about products we don’t make. We get questions about challenges and try to connect each customer with a solution.”

As the Company explored the concept of connection, they found that it gave them an opportunity to educate their own factory workers across the US on how the products they manufacture are utilized, extending the connection from the customer beyond the sales rep to the heart of what the company produces.

To learn more about the process Mueller went through and how it has spurred innovation, listen here: