News | November 10, 2020

Expansion To Sulzer's 10K Muffin Monster™ Product Range


Sulzer has extended the range of the 10K Muffin Monster™ series grinder with the approved use of a 4 kW motor. The 4 kW motor allows the 10K Muffin Monster to process thicker sludges and heavier solids in lower flow environments without damage to the integrity of the grinder, protecting pumps and other critical equipment from costly clogs and damage from these tough solids.

The 10K Muffin Monster is a compact yet powerful grinder that reduces the size of potentially damaging solids to downstream equipment. The dual-shafted grinder uses low speed and high torque to shred a wide range of difficult sewage debris. The 10K Muffin Monster inline pipe configuration is available with 100 mm and 150 mm pipe flange diameters with flow rates up to 125 m3/hr. The 10K Muffin Monster open channel configuration has a cutter opening height of 185 mm with a flow rate of up to 41.4 m3/hr.

Sulzer offers a complete solution for handling the challenge of the increased volume of tough solids in wastewater with the Muffin Monster grinder and its innovative pump technology. The combination ensures trouble-free operation of pump stations and other critical operations.

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