News | September 12, 2017

Evoqua Water Technologies Launches Innovative Chemical Controller With Visual Status Indicator For North American Market

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies


Evoqua Water Technologies' Products Division today announced the launch of the Blu-Sentinel™ SE product, a new chemical controller designed for commercial recreational water applications such as aquatic facilities and water parks.

The Blu-Sentinel SE controller features an intuitive, color touch-screen display and unique color based status indicator in the flow cell that provides a visual indication of water quality; blue = all is good, yellow = check parameters, red = fault, check immediately.

The Blu-Sentinel SE controller measures free chlorine, pH, ORP and temperature. In addition, it continually regulates the dosage of disinfectants and provides pH correction. It also displays integrated web views allowing all measured parameters to be displayed on internet-enabled devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) via standard web browsers. Certain operating parameters can be remotely managed via the password-protected online interface.

The device consists of a pressure-resistant flow cell, which accommodates up to three sensors, and electronics that utilize a 4” touch screen with swipe technology for an intuitive user interface.

The "multi-sensor” incorporated into the flow cell includes a sample water flow switch, temperature sensor and large water ground to minimize signal noise. The flow control valve ensures a constant sample water flow and, in conjunction with the hydrodynamic sand cleaning of the chlorine sensor, long-term stable measurements.

"The Blu-Sentinel SE’s ability to visually convey its status at a glance provides busy operators quick and easy indication of their water quality,” said Andrew Creathorn, Vice President of Evoqua's Products Division. "It’s another example of how Evoqua innovates within the water industry and strives to make our customers' jobs easier.”

The Blu-Sentinel controller is a collaboration between Evoqua's Neptune-Benson and Wallace & Tiernan businesses, two of the recreational water industry's most well-known filtration and disinfection brands.

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