News | August 5, 2015

Evoqua To Help Penn State With Growing Water Needs

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

University Park and the growing State College region is the central point of Penn State University – a 24-campus, 100,000-student university with more than a half million active alumni across the world. But without clean water, the nearly 1,000 buildings across the more than 7,300 acres at University Park would be challenged to meet its teaching, research and public service mission, let alone continue to generate the $8.5B in economic impact to Pennsylvania. Thanks to a new comprehensive plan to provide clean water, that’s no longer an issue.

A key element of that water plan is Pittsburgh-based Evoqua Water Technologies who will provide its industry-leading adsorption systems that remove organic contaminants through 12 12-foot diameter high-pressure vessels (HP1230SYS). In addition to the adsorption systems, Evoqua will also supply approximately 360,000 pounds of its Westates AquaCarb® (AC1230C) virgin coconut shell-based granular activated carbon for use in the systems (visit for more detail).

This type of activated carbon is a high-surface area carbon designed to remove a wide range of organic compounds, and is used in drinking water, home water filtration systems and industrial process water treatment systems where strict water quality specifications must be achieved. Combined with other equipment through the system, this will result in crystal clear, high-quality water for the campus’ drinking, research and general water needs.

The selection of Evoqua’s adsorption and granular activated carbon is part of a comprehensive study conducted by the University for its 2.4 million gallon a day water system which included the costs and benefits of multiple options and ultimately led to a balanced plan that includes a new water treatment plant and water distribution system upgrades.

The plan will allow the University to meet regulatory requirements, operational demands and insurance carrier fire protection water storage standards. The new water treatment plant will be located near the intersection of Big Hollow Road and Service Road on the north side of campus (very close to Beaver Stadium). The total project budget for the water treatment plant and distribution upgrades is $62 million, with the majority of funding coming from the Commonwealth.

The Evoqua adsorption systems are scheduled to begin installation in January 2016 and are expected to be completed by October 2016.

About Evoqua
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SOURCE: Evoqua Water Technologies