News | February 2, 2017

Evoqua's ETS-UV Systems Selected To Disinfect Advanced Purified Water For Refill Of First Recreational Lake In California

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies


Evoqua today announced its newly acquired ETS-UV™ line has been selected for disinfection treatment of 114 million gallons of advanced purified, recycled water per year for recreational use in Lake Mission Viejo, located in Orange County, California.

The project has been a collaboration amongst the City of Mission Viejo, the Santa Margarita Water District and the Lake Mission Viejo Association. The 124-acre lake is owned and operated by the Association and is maintained with a combination of water sources, including potable water supplies provided by Santa Margarita Water District. In support of future water supplies, and given the ongoing drought conditions, the water district and the Association evaluated alternative water sources to replace the use of potable water from the District. They discovered that through advanced treatment, they can maintain lake water elevation levels with a sustainable, reliable, cost-effective source of local non-potable water that meets the water quality standards desired for the continued recreational use of the lake.

ETS-UV disinfection systems effectively mitigate the threat of waterborne pathogens and ensure water is healthy and free from harmful microorganisms. Nationwide, UV systems are being installed into municipal wastewater, reuse, and drinking water facilities to effectively deactivate chlorine tolerant organisms, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, viruses and coliforms.

Evoqua’s ETS-UV disinfection systems were selected because of product footprint, efficiency and validation. The ETS-UV systems have been validated by an independent third party to ensure proper UV dose is being applied. Additionally, the selected reactors have been validated to the NSF61 standard.

“This is the type of project we are proud to be a part of,” said Ken Rodi, President of the Aquatics & Disinfection division of Evoqua. “It’s a unique application that really showcases the role that our products take within the advanced water treatment process.”

About ETS-UV

ETS-UV, now an Evoqua brand, encompasses industry leading ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. ETS-UV™ systems are highly efficient, easy to maintain and have been validated for performanceper rigorous industry standards for drinking water, water reuse and recreational water applications.

About Evoqua

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