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The secret of designing effective large pumping stations is experience and knowledge of the complete solution. Just selecting large pumps and installing them in a sump could buy you a lifetime of problems.

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Meeting Future Challenges Within Wastewater Collection

The secret of designing effective large pumping stations is experience and knowledge of the complete solution. Just selecting large pumps and installing them in a sump could buy you a lifetime of problems. Cavitation, air entrainment, poor efficiency and poor reliability – these are just a few issues you will face if you start out wrong.

Design and selection is the key
Reliable engineered pumping stations start with the correct basic design and equipment selection. Get this right and reliability and trouble-free operation will follow. At Sulzer we can offer the complete solution; starting with assistance at the design stage, including model testing when required, right through to recommendations in selecting the correct equipment from one of the largest ranges of wastewater equipment available on the market today.

By adding Life Cycle Cost modelling, it is possible to match your selection to the best maintenance and operation strategy. This will ensure the best lifetime energy consumption and optimum maintenance frequency for your engineered pumping stations. To make sure these benefits are continuously delivered, your pumping station solution can include cutting edge pump controllers, allowing you to be in control at all times.

Calculating life cycle cost
Based on the fact that energy is a significant element of the Life Cycle Cost (LCC), it has always been accepted practice to look for the best efficiency when selecting a pump. However, if we make a field test of a pump in operation, the efficiency will often be significantly reduced over time due to wear and damage to the hydraulics. The efficiency loss varies considerably depending on the application, the type of impeller used and the maintenance strategy. With this in mind it is evident that calculated energy costs are not always totally accurate, since they are based on the “as new“ efficiency and it is assumed that this is retained throughout the design life of the pump.

Selection is the key to efficiency
Pumping wastewater is a difficult job. It requires experienced solutions to secure operation without frequent site attendances. Sulzer designs solutions where maintenance activities can be planned and undertaken at the optimum time frame. We offer the exact equipment combinations for your application, offsetting the cost of investment against the savings in energy costs. These solutions will not only meet your requirements to move wastewater, they will also fit with your business needs and available personnel. Merely selecting equipment without looking at the maintenance required and method of operation will only result in more costs for you.

How does Sulzer provide you with a complete solution?
We begin by providing the most appropriate combinations of equipment based on your operational and maintenance requirements. The next step is the provision of high technology controllers and telemetry systems to ensure complete visibility of what is going on with your system. This is supported by a comprehensive service, spares & asset management program to assist with operation and maintenance when required. What is the end result? Effective, reliable operation of your wastewater collection network throughout its design life. It is easy to talk about improving the way we operate wastewater pumping stations, but in reality delivering the improvement is a lot more difficult.

Optimization know-how
Efficient operation of network pumping stations requires a strong tie between equipment selection, maintenance and operating strategy. Poorly selected equipment will give a lifetime of additional costs. At Sulzer we support you with our application knowledge from design of the pumping station to optimization of the running operation.

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Submersible Propeller Pump Type ABS VUPX
Submersible Mixed Flow Column Pump Type ABS AFLX PE4 To PE6
Submersible Mixed Flow Column Pump Type ABS AFLX PE7
Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS AFP M8-M9
Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP 100J-600X
Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP CB Plus
Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP 80C - 201G

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