End Of The Line: Solutions For Water Main Dead Ends

Source: Mueller Water Products
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End Of The Line: Solutions For Water Main Dead Ends

Maintaining the water distribution system is critical to ensure customers receive the best water quality. An important maintenance task is to ensure water movement through the system. Dead-end mains, typically in cul-de-sacs, at the end of rural streets, or even in a looped line, are known problem areas for water stagnation, resulting in quality complaints. Residential neighborhoods under construction and large underpopulated developments often have slow-moving or stagnant drinking water.

Mueller Co. is North America's largest and only full-line supplier of potable water distribution products. Mueller Co. has provided innovative, superior-quality water distribution products for over 150 years. Water Online spoke with two of Mueller’s customers to find out how they address the challenges of water main dead ends. Steve Lovato, System Quality Supervisor for Denver Water, and Brian Bianchi, Senior Project Manager, of Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority, provided information on how to prevent water quality issues in the distribution system.