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With roots dating back to the early 1900's, the Henry Pratt Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets control systems. Our products are used in potable water, wastewater, power, industrial, and nuclear markets. Pratt's control systems include the Check-Mate, the Electro-Check, a High Pressure Accumulator System, a Low Pressure Accumulator System and a Back Up Power Supply System


Design Features

  • Ice cube type relays for easy replacement
  • Solid state timing relays for long life
  • Flashing alarm lights provide high visibility
  • Rigid NEMA 4 enclosure with terminal strip
  • Heavy duty oil tight push buttons and lights for long life
  • Remote alarm contacts

Control Features

  • Normal Pump Start – provides signaling of pump start and valves opening sequence. Also displays valve open or closed position and pump status
  • Pump Stop – controls and monitors closure of check valve. Automatically stops pump at 70 – 95% closure

Pump Safety Check Features
Monitors and safely controls valve and pump in the event of:

  1. Loss of all electrical power
  2. Pump motor overload
  3. Failure of valve to open
  4. Line blockage
  5. Pump failure