News | July 23, 2014

EcoWater Systems Introduces HydroLink Plus Wi-Fi Technology: Smart Water Treatment Saves Money And Brings Peace Of Mind


EcoWater Systems, a Marmon Water/Berkshire Hathaway company, is transforming how consumers interact with their water treatment systems with the introduction of HydroLink Plus Wi-Fi web-based technology. HydroLink Plus makes it possible to monitor and manage EcoWater water treatment systems and water usage via a smartphone, tablet or computer from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home.

A simple and secure online dashboard provides appliance information at a glance, such as number of days until the salt is empty, cycle schedule, average daily water usage, water used today, and gallons of treated water remaining. With the information, homeowners can track water usage patterns and adjust habits to save water and money on utility bills. HydroLink Plus also alerts homeowners via text or email when the salt is low and needs refilling, and sends alerts if potential issues are detected, such as a continuous water flow above normal usage threshold. Alerts can be customized according to personal preference via the online dashboard.

“Smart devices are becoming a central hub for monitoring and controlling appliances in today’s digitally-connected homes,” said Chris Wilker, president of EcoWater Systems Professional Products. “HydroLink Plus offers homeowners a new level of convenience and peace of mind regarding water treatment and usage, and can also help to extend the life of the appliance.”

Because water softener and refinement systems are usually tucked away in a basement, garage or utility room, they are often overlooked for extended periods of time. Low salt levels and issues like bridging and blockage can go un-noticed for weeks, causing damage to the appliance. HydroLink Plus alerts homeowners and puts information at their fingertips that can help correct potential problems before they become issues, ultimately extending the life of the appliance in the home or vacation home. Additionally, HydroLink Plus can be programmed to send alerts and diagnostics to the homeowner’s local EcoWater dealer, who will monitor the system and provide convenient maintenance and service as needed.

HydroLink Plus is available now with EcoWater’s ERR and ECR 3500/3502 water refining systems, available through EcoWater dealers throughout North America. HydroLink Plus retrofit kits are also available for all other existing EcoWater 3500 Series systems. For more information, visit

About EcoWater Systems
EcoWater Systems is part of Marmon Water, a Berkshire Hathaway company.  Marmon Water is a global supplier of water treatment equipment for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Since 1925, EcoWater Systems has been dedicated to offering quality, innovative, eco-friendly water systems for residential and commercial applications. EcoWater is one of the largest manufacturers of home water treatment systems, which are sold under the EcoWater name through an extensive international dealer network, as well as private-labeled brands available from leading retailers. EcoWater’s Professional Products group manufactures and services commercial water treatment systems for industry. For more information, visit

SOURCE: EcoWater Systems