Case Study

Echologics' Acoustic Leak Detection System Non-Invasively Pinpoints Force Main Leaks For Large Industrial Company

Source: Mueller Water Products

A large, U.S.-based Fortune 500 industrial company was experiencing multiple leaks on a 1500ft span of six inch steel force sewer main that conveyed sanitary wastewater from one of its plants to a municipally-owned collection system. It was not the first time the company had experienced leaks on this particular force main; it had recently been troubled by a number of similar leaks, which released sewage that damaged plant roads and caused an environmental incident. Because of the past history of the main and the nature of the burst (it was visible above ground), the plant suspected that the main had other leaks, which were not yet visible at surface grade.

The company began looking for a leak detection service provider that could detect the leaks and pinpoint their exact locations. However, finding a service provider that could non-invasively locate the leaks on an operating force main was going to be a challenge, considering most non-invasive leak detection methods are often unable to acoustically identify leaks over the background noise created by force main lift station pumps.