Brochure | March 18, 2015

Dystor® Digester Gas Holder System Brochure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The Dystor® Gas Holder system from Evoqua Water Technologies is a unique gas holder design that’s more economical to install than steel gas holders and more versatile and more stable than floating covers. Ideal for both primary and secondary digesters, its domeshaped, engineered membrane system maximizes storage of methane gas and sludge, while also containing odors. Plus, a manufacturer installed system means single-source responsibility.

This system includes two durable membranes. The outer air membrane remains inflated in a fixed position and is cable restrained to ensure system integrity and allow operating pressures up to 16” w.c. An inner gas membrane moves freely as it stores or releases gas generated from the anaerobic digestion process.

An air handling system maintains a preset operating pressure between the two membranes. A fan supplies air to the air chamber when methane gas is withdrawn and a pressure air control valve vents air to accommodate increasing gas volumes. By automatically equalizing the pressure, this system keeps the outer membrane inflated, while exerting a constant pressure on the stored gas.