Duperon® FlexRake® FRO: Screen Cleaning System Only

Source: Duperon
Duperon® FlexRake® FRO: Screen Cleaning System Only

A front-clean, front-return mechanical cleaning system for existing bar screens. Provides cleaning for openings from 1/2 inch to 4 inches wide, with a maximum penetration of up to 2 inches.

Duperon® FlexRake® Only Features & Benefits

Low Maintenance
With no lower sprocket, FlexRake® technology allows all maintenance to be done from the deck; no jam points underwater to require diving or confined space entry.

Long-Life Durability
Original FlexLink™ multifunctional link system - with 4.5 lb. stainless steel cast links and an ultimate strength of 60,000 lbs. - provides unmatched durability.

Full Range of Adaptability - Unhampered by Large Debris
Jam Evasion™ technology allows the FlexLink™ multifunctional link system to lift and pivot around debris. This allows FlexRake® technology to adapt to a wide range of debris variations.

Energy Efficient
The low horsepower requirements of the Sumitomo drive system ensure low-cost, energy efficient debris removal.

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