Duperon® FlexRake® FP: Full Penetration Coarse Screen

Source: Duperon

Duperon® FlexRake® FP: Full Penetration Coarse Screen

A front-clean, front-return, mechanically-cleaned bar screen technology. Utilizes stainless steel, rectangular true bars with 5/8 inch to 4 inch openings.

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Duperon® FlexRake® FP: Features & Benefits

Low Maintenance

With no lower sprockets, Duperon® FlexRake® technology allows all maintenance to be done from the deck; no jam points underwater to require diving or confined space entry. 

Long-Life Durability

Original FlexLinkTM multifunctional link system - with 4.5 lb. stainless steel cast links and an ultimate strength of 60,000 lbs. - provides unmatched durability. Many systems have been operating for more than 20 years.

Full Range Adaptability - Unhampered by Large Debris

Jam EvasionTM technology allows the FlexLinkTM multifunctional link system to lift and pivot around debris. This allows FlexRake® technology to adapt to a wide range of debris variations; from grit and grease to hard hats and sewer plugs. Positive location of the scrapers by the side frame assures continuous engagement.

Energy Efficient

The low horsepower requirements of the Sumitomo drive system ensure low-cost, energy efficient debris removal.

High Capture Rate

Unique in the industry, Thru-Bar™ stainless steel scrapers clean 3 sides of the bar as well as cross members.

Cleans Within One Inch of the Channel Floor

Reduces residual debris buildup at the bottom of the screen, promoting full use of channel depth for flow.

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