Brochure | October 25, 2016

DualAir Fine Bubble Diffuser System Brochure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The DualAir® fine bubble diffuser system is a proven development of Evoqua Water Technologies. The DualAir diffuser assembly includes two diffuser bases molded together with a curved saddle formed between them.

This design allows the DualAir diffuser assembly to be bonded to the air header pipe in such a way that each of the DualAir diffusers is located on the opposite side of the pipe, connected by a curved saddle between them.

Previous diffuser designs have only used single diffusers, arranged to mount on the top or side of the air manifold piping. The major advantage of the DualAir diffuser design is that two diffuser assemblies can be mounted at one location, instead of one diffuser. This mounting allows twice as many diffusers per header than is possible with other designs. The design also provides a greater contact area between the pipe and the diffuser assembly, thereby providing an attachment bond with greater holding power.