Newsletter | May 31, 2023

05.31.23 -- Dosing Of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution For Drinking Water Disinfection

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Filtration: Steel Filter Series

All-purpose steel filters from 2" to 14" for flow rates up to 4,400 gpm.

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Amiad Water Systems
GDT Mixing & Contacting Systems

The GDT process starts with the creation of ozone from an ozone generator. The ozone is then drawn into a Mazzei®Venturi Injector, which provides dynamic mixing (a back pressure control valve adjusts injector outlet pressure, optimizing ozone mass transfer in the system). Then mixing and contacting is enhanced in a flash reactor.

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Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
Dual-Vessel Purification Systems

TIGG’s Dual-Vessel Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems are designed to provide versatility to liquid phase filtration projects. Integrated systems can comprise two modular activated carbon adsorbers, which allows for backwashing one vessel while the other remains operational.

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Newterra Corporation