Application Note

Disinfection And Emerging Contaminant Removal With HyDOZ®

Source: BlueInGreen

In the summer of 2012, BlueInGreen partnered with a facility in Arkansas to study disinfection of wastewater and removal of emerging contaminants of concern (ECC) by utilizing dissolved ozone. The plant has a firm capacity of 12 MGD and includes primary clarification, activated sludge, secondary clarification, and sand filtration prior to the existing UV system.

Ozone reacts rapidly with contaminants, which allows for a comparatively short disinfection contact time when compared to chlorine based systems. BlueInGreen’s HyDOZ system provides high ozone concentrations with a small footprint and uses less energy to deliver the same level of disinfection. Ozone exits the HyDOZ system dissolved in a carrier water stream, minimizing the footprint of an ozone contactor basin and associated equipment, therefore, greatly reducing capital costs. The HyDOZ can ramp up or slow down ozone delivery to match plant flows or desired set points. Coupled with the system’s exceptionally efficient gas transfer, power consumption and operating costs are greatly reduced. The ability of the HyDOZ to dissolve high ozone concentrations means more effective elimination of target microorganisms and pathogens, while simultaneously providing COD reduction, color removal, and elevated dissolved oxygen levels. Only BlueInGreen’s patented technology allows up to 60% of the oxygen generated for producing ozone to be recaptured and routed to other locations within the plant, which can offset a facility’s aeration costs.