Case Study

Direct Filtration Of Spring Water

Source: WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The Franklin Water Treatment Plant, near the Utah/Idaho state border, serves approximately 600 residents. Traditionally, water was drawn from springs and chlorinated. During the spring runoff, the spring became highly turbid and was shut off in favor of well water. In addition, some of the springs are shallow and have the potential to directly be influenced by surface water.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) declared these shallow springs to be under the direct influence of surface water. The Idaho DEQ suggested that the town of Franklin should abandon the springs or install an adequate treatment system. Forsgren Associates completed a facility planning study and recommended that the springs be treated using a membrane Filtration.

Plant operators in Franklin are responsible not only for the water plant, but many other city maintenance duties as well. Operator burden was a significant factor in selecting the treatment technology.