Digital Water Meters Maximize Accuracy, Minimize Loss

Source: Master Meter, Inc.
Water Online Radio Case Study

Davidson Water pilot-tested a variety of meters before landing on a digital water meter with no moving parts and the ability to capture low flows to provide reliability and accurate data logging information to its residential customers. 

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When Robert Walters, Vice President of Construction and Engineering with Davidson Water, did a pilot study to identify the best metering technology for the district’s residential customers, he found that some of the products on the market were problematic. Moving parts made some meters an easy target for vandalism, and sizing inaccuracies lead to incorrect flow measurements that resulted in customers being overcharged for their usage. Walters chose Master Meter’s products for their superior reliability and performance, and ten years later, he’s still a customer.

“The Octave® Ultrasonic Meter can capture the full range of usage to help the end user on both the water bill and the sewer bill,” says Walters. “We believe that there’s a lot of promise for the future for these types of meters, because with no moving parts, nothing needs to be repaired or replaced.”

In this radio case study, learn how this type of metering technology ensures optimum revenue with the latest scientific principles.