Datasheet | October 25, 2016

Diamond S Plus Diffuser - Your Path To Energy Savings

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The Diamond™ S Plus membrane diffuser, part of the EnvirexR product family, is more efficient than a typical 9" diameter diffuser, resulting in better performance and lower energy costs. The proprietary diamond punch pattern provides 10% more slits than a typical membrane, allowing more fine bubbles to be produced.

A series of diffusers were sent to Redmon Engineering Company for analysis in April 2016 in order to quantify the benefit of the diamond punch pattern. Redmon Engineering is well known in the industry as an expert in diffuser and mass transfer analysis.

Tests were conducted in Redmon Engineering’s laboratory facility, which is typically used to measure diffuser performance using steady state clean water standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) test protocols. The Diamond S Plus diffusers were tested at the same density and submergence as other comparable diffusers. The resulting SOTE values for the Diamond S Plus diffusers averaged just over 21%.