From The Editor | November 20, 2013

Views From The Top: Designing For Process Automation: 5 Keys To Success


By Kevin Westerling,


A Q&A with Craig Correia, Head of Process Automation (U.S.), Festo Corporation

For most water and wastewater treatment plant operators, the words "process automation" are likely music to their ears. Labor requirements are reduced, while processes become more efficient and reliable — all outcomes that make an operator's life easier. But the decision to automate will often fall on the engineer in the design stage of a plant build or upgrade. I wondered what guides an engineer's decision to automate specific processes, so I went to Craig Correia, head of process automation at Festo Corporation, to gain some insight.

The following Q&A should serve both engineers and operators; engineers are given the proper parameters to consider, and operators are provided ammunition to lobby for process automation.