Application Note

Defining Drinking Water Plant Backwash Profile Using The SOLITAX™ Sc Suspended Solids And Turbidity Sensor

Source: Hach

Today’s drinking water plants have many challenges to meet as they produce water for a fast-growing and increasingly demanding population. They must satisfy regulatory agency requirements, address health concerns, and ultimately fill the end customer’s needs by producing very high quality water in an economically feasible manner. To meet these challenges, total optimization of the drinking water plant must be achieved. A key process for optimization is filter backwash.

This application note covers issues associated with monitoring the turbidity during a filter backwash cycle including:

  • Why backwash optimization is such an important step in achieving WTP optimization.
  • Current methodologies used to perform backwash.
  • The newest available technology (SOLITAX™ sc Turbidity and Suspended Solids Sensors) and their application to on-line backwash measurements.
  • A summary of the application of a SOLITAX™ sc Sensor at a local drinking water plant.