2D Modeling 101

Source: Innovyze

In this recorded webinar, Chris Huxley from BMT WBM will be using his more than a decade’s experience in 2D Modeling to build your confidence from the ground up in the 2D Modeling space.

  • Understand the benefits of 2D Modeling and where to best apply it.
  • Cover the common rules of thumb for setting up your model.
  • Be aware of rookie errors and what to look out for.

We will take you through the fundamentals of 2D modeling and how it works, along with a full practical example including:

  • defining hydrological inputs
  • importing data for 2D models (i.e. from CAD and GIS packages)
  • integratration with the 1D network
  • the analyzing of different results

By the end you should be able to build your first model from scratch. We will also cover some expert tips and tricks to enhance your workflows.

The webinar will be useful for those new to the world of 2D Flood Modeling, as well as experienced 1D/2D modelers looking to refine their skills. It will cover the theory and practical power of 2D modeling to help you save time modeling and also produce better results output for your clients.