Case Study

Customized Grundfos Pumping System Reduces Mining Company's Energy Usage By $42,000 Per Year

Source: Grundfos

Searles Valley, CA — In 1862, while prospecting for what was thought to be a vast deposit of silver and gold, John Searles made a serendipitous discovery in this unforgiving and isolated area located southwest of Death Valley. Borax and other minerals so plentiful, that the engineer complained they would interfere with refining the long sought, but never unearthed, metal ore.

Within a decade, a borax mining business was formed at what is now known as Searles Dry Lake, a depository rich with useful chemicals and minerals that serve a wide variety of industrial and agricultural needs. Brine from these salt layers is today's source of sodium, potassium, borate, carbonate and sulfate, which are processed in facilities that trace their lineage back to John Searles’ San Bernardino Borax Mining Company.