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10.01.21 -- Cost Management In Valve Selection

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Water Innovations
Selected Editorial From The Latest Water Innovations:
Balancing The Costs Of Water For Utilities And Customers
By Pete Antoniewicz
The cost of municipal water management, including infrastructure renewal, relies on revenue from ratepayers, but affordability of services is a prime concern as well. A recent report from Black & Veatch looks at large cities and recent trends regarding this delicate balance.
Powering Up: Perspective On America's Infrastructure Plan
By Kevin Westerling
Envisioning an America where every community has access to clean water and resources to live a quality life is pretty powerful — and it is enough inspiration to power a transformation that could make America’s future much stronger.
Big Ideas For Small Water Agencies Facing Chemical Contaminants In Drinking Water
By Seth Mansergh
Who should pay, literally and figuratively, for chemical contamination of source water?
Reduce Energy, Water, And OPEX With Modern Decentralized Wastewater Treatment
By John Tillotson
The benefits of the facultative membrane bioreactor (FMBR) are examined, along with results of a pilot demonstration project to further prove efficacy.
From Insight To Output: How Digital Solutions Can Advance Industrial Water Management
By Pedro Sancha
Smart water management is not just a moral responsibility; it’s also a business imperative.
Telling Water's Story; Selling Your Story
By Jim Lauria and Adam Tank
Why good storytelling is important for improving the state of municipal water service.
Cost Management In Valve Selection: Balancing Price With Suitability
By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
Because so many options exist, it’s possible to get safe and reliable performance from your valves without overspending. Matching valve specs to your application is the key.
Water Innovations
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