Correlated, Acoustic Leak Detection System: Aclara STAR® ZoneScan

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Non-revenue water loss due to underground leaks is a major headache for utilities — and losses often worsen as the infrastructure ages. What’s more, leaks often erupt into major infrastructure failures. Aclara STAR ZoneScan is the industry’s only remotely correlated acoustic leak-detection solution that uses time-synchronized sound recordings to identify leak locations on the main. The sound recordings are made by underground equipment in the field and later correlated at the utility, pinpointing leaks before they become expensive emergencies. The solution’s hands-off operation as well as automated data collection and analysis saves money, time, and resources.

Knowing there’s a leak and knowing where the leak is located are two different things. STAR ZoneScan allows you to identify and proactively repair small, underground leaks. This helps not only your budget, but it also eliminates non-revenue water. Combining Aclara’s two-way, fixed-network advanced metering network (AMI) with leak detection technology from Gutermann International, STAR ZoneScan turns the acoustic vibrations caused by pipe leaks into actionable information on the location of leaks. Vibrations are recorded in the quiet morning hours when factors that affect leak noise are minimized. Competitive leak detection systems typically identify only the presence of noise along the water main. STAR ZoneScan enhances this basic functionality by offering frequency analysis to identify false positives caused by electrical noise.

Benefits And Features:

  • Eliminates the need for drive-by data collection, as this cost effective solution offers automated data collection.
  • Detects the location of even the smallest leaks to within 3 feet using correlated sound recordings. 
  • See for yourself the leak location from anywhere via the Web-based application software that collects, correlates, and analyzes acoustic data.
  • Offers two implementation options — permanent or temporary (“lift and shift”).
  • Suitable for any climate and weather-proof due to environmentally sealed meter transmission unit (MTU).
  • Works with a variety of materials, including metals, concrete, and non-metal materials.
  • Reduces nonrevenue water by combining Aclara’s two-way, fixed-network AMI with leak detection technology from Gutermann International.
  • Saves on operations costs as it provides automatic cross correlations between adjacent loggers with minimal operator involvement.

Contact Information:
For technical information on the Aclara STAR ZoneScan Solution, contact Dean Slejko, product manager, Aclara, at

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