Catalog | January 6, 2014

Condensed Water Catalog

Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

Today’s water utilities are faced with ever-increasing pressures — on their water supply, their efficiency, their workforce, their infrastructure, and their bottom line. But every problem has a solution. Neptune knows, because our people have answers.

Where do we get those answers? For one, from experience. We have a long history of water industry firsts under our belt with constant innovation. Our answers also come from listening. Neptune utility customers know that they can approach us with a challenge and that we will take the time to look at that challenge from all angles and recommend the best solution from our portfolio of products and systems. Whatever solution your utility seeks from Neptune, the answer will be specifically designed to meet your utility’s needs.

At Neptune, we work to ensure we provide answers that 1) meet your utility’s individual needs, and 2) work with the existing assets you already have in place, at your own pace. Should you choose a system today to provide mobile automatic meter reading (AMR) for monthly reading, it will still allow you at some future date to implement fixed network, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) with detailed hourly readings and alerts — any time you’re ready.