Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring For The Utility

Source: Telog, A Trimble Company
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Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring For The Utility

In today’s connected world, remote monitoring of water or wastewater system assets is available to any size of utility. As enterprise systems for the large cities continue to evolve in their complexity, nimble cloud-based solutions where the data is housed outside of the utility are offering an affordable monitoring platform to smaller cities and distribution networks.

As Kerry Hoffman, Regional Sales Manager for Telog, explains in this Water Online radio interview, the Company’s data hosting service (DHS) pushes data from RTUs to secure servers over a cellular network. Telog takes care of all the IT infrastructure and each utility is provided with a log-in protected website for 24/7 access. The smaller utility will still receive alarms and alerts without having to invest in the knowledge and resources to support the IT needs.

This means that Telog can focus on enhancing its enterprise software package for the needs of larger cities without a concern that the complexity might be redundant for many customers. The engineering tools in the enterprise system hosted within the larger utility’s firewall provide enhanced functionality such as GIS integration or assimilation with data sets from government agencies such as the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Click on the audio player below to learn about the types of remote monitoring available to utilities, predictive diagnosis and Telog’s Storm Module that helps utilities understand their likely resilience to a variety of storm levels.

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