News | May 31, 2011

City Of Round Rock Received Water Reclamation Award From AWWA

Source: Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
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The city of Round Rock, Texas received the Bob Derrington Reclamation Award from the Texas Section, American Water Works Association for their development of a new water reuse system. The system will be utilized at the Brushy Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant and constructed in five (5) phases. The reuse water will meet the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Type I criteria for unrestricted reuse and will provide landscape irrigation for the Old Settlers Park (Phase 1), the Higher Education Campus (Phase 3), and Stony Point High School (Phase 5). The park irrigation should begin in spring of 2012 and will reduce potable water demand by approximately 6 MGD. Following completion of the reuse system, the potable water demand is projected to be reduced by approximately 12 MGD. The new reuse system will prevent the growing city’s predicted water supply shortage and provide an alternative to more expensive conservation strategies.

The Brushy Creek plant will utilize one (1) 12-disk AquaDisk® cloth media filter for the tertiary treatment NTU objective, preceding disinfection. The filter system is designed for an average design daily flow of 3 MGD and peak flow of 6 MGD. Aqua-Aerobic Systems looks forward to the expected outstanding plant performance the reuse system will achieve and the benefits it will provide the City of Round Rock.

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SOURCE: Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.